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I learned something new today

Hiawatha - a secure web server

Quotes from Hiawatha website:


Hiawatha is an open source webserver with a focus on security. I started Hiawatha in January 2002. Before that time, I had used several webservers, but I didn't like them. They had unlogical, almost cryptic configuration syntax and none of them gave me a good feeling about their security and robustness. So, I decided it was time to write my own webserver. I never thought that my webserver would become what it is today, but I enjoyed working on it and liked to have my own open source project. In the years that followed, Hiawatha became a fully functional webserver.

Project goals

Because of my great interest in IT security, I paid extra attention to security while I was working on Hiawatha. Beside all the default security measures you can expect from a modern webserver, there are a lot of security features in Hiawatha you won't find in any other webserver. Many of them started as an experiment, but in the meantime, most of them have proven to be very usefull.

A second thing I wanted my webserver to be is easy-to-use. This resulted in a readable configuration syntax and not having to be a HTTP or CGI expert in order to get Hiawatha running.

I was reading the blog of Hugo Leisink and came across a performance study that was posted there. I have been using Hiawatha on several of my test servers and recently a production server. I love it for its security features, ease of setup and performance. You can find the link to the PDF document below. I just used the same link provided on Hugo's blog. As you can see from the study, Hiawatha does a great job in performance too. And coupling this with security and ease of use, why would anyone want to use another web server?

Link to the study:

You can also read my testimony of Hiawatha on how we reduced excessive and abusive bandwidth usage on our server from over 1000 GB/day to 40 GB/day.

Link to the testimony:

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Video Editing on Linux

Blender comes pretty close ( http://www.blender.org ). Recent builds include FFMPEG support that enables NLE Video/Audio.

Import all formats that FFMPEG supports.

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Linux/BSD Versions I have tried

I have tried atleast 40-45 distributions and wanted to write atleast 1 line about the below ones. The list is sorted based on the popularity as mentioned on http://distrowatch.com at the time of writing.
  1. Ubuntu: Very stable and the most popular version

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