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I learned something new today

To Write

Just noting down some topics to add. Need to collect more information to add these.
- Basics: Register, host and run a website
- Recipes from my wife's notes
- Rexx: Main code, panels, skeletons and everything in a single module
- Protecting your site from bad spiders
- Awstats and how to configure GeoIP
- Adding a count down on the download page
- Learnings from creating Pritlog
- Things to remember when dealing with files in PHP
- Measure your site hits and statistics (awstats, analytics)
- Simple photography tips
- Interesting websites you may/may not know
- What to expect after having a baby
- What to do when your 1 year old doesnt eat
- How to program keyless entry remote for a Camry
- Learning from a project in crisis
- Plugins for Pritlog

- George Foreman's grill
- Read between lines - self service car wash ...
- Learning about sessions and other things from 0.412

- Lithium PHP Framework (draft)
- Turnkey linux (draft)
- Nodejs 
- Software Configuration Management
- Codeigniter: Authentication modules

- Googfight
- Dircaster, Podcasting, Loudblog
- Gathersus
- Automatic load balancing - Heartbeat, Pacemaker, Ubuntu (Linode)
- Mirrorbrain
- Stylish apache directory listings