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I learned something new today

What is success?

Came across an article about "extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation". The link is given below. I am just noting down somethings I liked from the article.

"What is success?" Someone who spent his life working 80 hour weeks, living in hotels, and fighting his way up the corporate ladder to become VP of toilet paper marketing would probably consider himself more successful than a sandwich shop owner who spends his nights and weekends playing with his kids and working on hobby projects, but maybe the sandwich shop owner would be happier and healthier. Ultimately, it is up to each person to decide what success means to them, but I think it's important that everyone be mindful of the decision they are making. 

Something else I read from a forward on the same lines: (in brief)
An MBA guy met a fisherman and suggested him to increase his revenue, buy more boats, employ people so that he can make enough money in 10-20 years and then finally spend time with his family, children and do what he loves to do. The fisherman replied that he is already doing all the things the MBA guy mentioned and he doesn't have to wait 10-20 years for getting there. 

Also, some note from the article about entrepreneurs
It's often said that people become entrepreneurs because they can't handle a regular job. Perhaps these people are simply too "defective" to fit into any mold, or maybe they lack the extrinsic motivation necessary to care about bosses, performance reviews, and other things which are so important for success in the corporate environment. However, what they do have is the creativity and natural sense of direction necessary to run their own business. I doubt that this is a coincidence.

Author: Prit -  Date: 03 Feb 2011 13:42
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